Quick Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving is Here, Are You Ready?

Winter is a given in Canada and most Canadians except those who are Snowbirds, know that no matter what they will be experiencing winter driving at some point. There are many tips available for winter driving and here are just a few to get you in the winter driving mode.


Winter Driving Tips To Remember

  • Did you know that most bridges are icy or slippery during the winter season. As air travels underneath the road surface, any moisture on the road will freeze. The wind also plays a factor and can cause icy conditions on the bridge’s road surface. TIP - When you approach a bridge or overpass, try not to use your brakes or accelerate. Try to coast over the bridge area.
  • Unpacked snow provides better traction for stopping or steering. Unpacked snow in the passing lane or in-between tire tracks can help to avoid problems with steering or stopping. TIP - Firmly grip your vehicle’s wheel and slowly move to a safer driving surface.
  • Try not to stop completely on an incline. TIP - Gradually stop on snow and build your momentum before you reach a hill. Never park you car on a hill in freezing conditions. Eventually the  ice will melt and re-freeze under the tires. The ice could build up and eventually the tires may not touch the road. This could lead to a very big problem... your car may slide down the slope!
  • Remember that 4-wheel drive only helps you to get going. It does not help you to stop. If you have a 4WD vehicle, remember that you are not invincible. TIP - Never keep your vehicle in 4WD for long periods of time. Switch to 4WD only when the drive gets tough. Staying in 4WD will take its toll on the drive train of your vehicle and reduce the lifespan of your car.

Living in a region that experiences winter driving means that you need to stay alert. A clear road can have icy conditions. Young Drivers offers winter driving courses that provide the confidence that drivers need. The winter driving lessons include in class and on the road sessions to ensure that the practical learned is tested on the road.

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