5 Tips to Save on Winter Gas Consumption

Winter Driving Can Be a Gas Guzzler

When gas prices increase, consumers panic. In the winter the price of gas always seems to be high... something about demand and supply. For most drivers in Canada winter driving involves an increase in gas consumption. Young Drivers of Canada can help you to save some gas by following the noted suggestions.


  • Cut down on the stop and go actions of your vehicle. Quick acceleration can burn a lot of fuel quickly. Avoid high speed on ramps and quick acceleration from stop signs and stop lights. Evaluate your route to determine the best possible situation when it comes to the amount of starts and stops.
  • Minimize the use of the defog function. We all get into a vehicle in the winter that requires some defogging but most of us continue to use the defog once the windshield is clear. The defog function on your car consumes alot of energy and gas, making it an easy gas wasting function. Use defog only as you need it.
  • Inflate your tires to the correct PSI. With proper pressure, drivers can save on fuel costs. Remember that in the winter, tires require constant monitoring as the change in temperature will affect the change of your tire pressure.
  • Maintain your computerized exhaust system. Make sure that your oxygen sensor is working correctly. Monitor your emissions by completely a regular emissions test. If you fuel system is working correctly, you will have better gas consumption results.
  • Don’t waste gas looking for the cheapest gas. It just doesn’t make sense. Most gas companies now offer loyalty programs that provide additional incentives for consumers. Look for the best location and best deal for you and stick with it.

Gas is one of the biggest routine expenses of a household. Young Drivers helps consumers to understand their vehicles and how they operate through their driving lessons. Contact Young Drivers of Canada today to enroll in a new driving course, a refresher course or our winter driving lessons.

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